Flight Training in Des Moines, Iowa

Discover How To BECOME A PILOT With Our Self Paced Flight Training So You Can Make Your Dream a Reality!

FINALLY….The Clear Path To Get Your Pilot Certificate or Next Rating Without Wasting Money or Being Forgotten About!

…you have a sense of new fulfillment, and have become part of a wonderful community of other pilots and enthusiasts.

Pilot After Passing Checkride


Over the years of working in aviation prior to starting the flight school we saw so many people struggle to get their pilot certificates.

Many instructors were just instructing on the side without much real care in getting students to progress at a decent rate.

When we looked for local solutions we realized there weren’t many.

Their options were go to find an instructor who’s priorities weren’t instructing, wasting a ridiculous amount of time waiting for schedules to line up…

Or they could go out of state to one of those accelerated course and knock it out over a couple weeks.  However, this intense style of training really isn’t for most people.

The student pilots we saw were often forgot about, with no one to truly guide them on their journey.

We heard countless stories of people who started flight training, but never felt like they were making progress so they ended up quitting…

After trying to get in touch with some of the local flight training options we realized there was a significant problem. 

We knew at that moment we had to step up and fill the gap

So we started our flight school to help provide you with dedicated full time flight instructors so you can get through your training with clear direction and a team of people dedicated to your sucess.


Flying an airplane sounds really difficult….

Learning to fly is certainly challenging, however its not nearly as difficult as people think. Most people with average skills can learn to safely operate an aircraft.

Any one of our experienced flight instructors are there to help every step of the way breaking everything down into bite size pieces while building on previously learned skills and knowledge.

I am not sure if I have the time…

We know you are busy. But chances are you have been putting this off for a long time. With our Self Paced training we will work around your schedule whether that means flying early morning, late evenings, or weekends. We will find a time that works for you!

While dedicating just10 hours a week will get your certificate in about 3 months, we can chip away at your training with as little as two lessons per week.

I live too far way…

We understand a long drive may not work for short lessons. In this case we can stack lessons together for longer blocks to make the commute to our school worth the drive.

Which school is the best?

We have simply put together the best school in every aspect. We have the best fleet with a variety of aircraft, the best team with both young and older highly experienced instructors, we train at the best airport which isn’t too busy but still offers valuable ATC (Air Traffic Control) experience, and we offer the best atmosphere with a student first approach to everything we do. 

What about the weather in Iowa?

Ahh yes….let me ask you, would you want to take your family in the plane before you have flown in the wind? 

When you train with us you will get exposed to all aspects of weather from flying through the clouds which we call actual IMC, to learning to deal with the wind, and of course you will learn about winter operations and avoiding icing.

Pilots who train in the real weather are simply better pilots and significantly safer pilots.

Look, after going through our Pilot Training Program you will without a doubt be an exceptional pilot, but you will also have extensive ground knowledge that other schools leave out so you will be have the confidence to go fly as well!


Flight Training Student Next to Airplane

“Absolutely amazing crew of people. Great instructors who are all willing to help, even if they are not your primary instructor. Very relaxed environment and very personable people to train with. If you are looking for quality instruction look no further.”

Junior Myers

Flight Training Student Next to Airplane

“The facilities and airplanes are top notch. The staff and Certified Flight Instructors will work with you in anyway possible to either accomplish your dream of becoming a pilot or if you just want to get your privates license. I would highly recommend US Flight Co if you are wanting to get just your privates license or go up to the commercial level.”

Fynn Beard

Flight Training Student Next to Airplane

“US Flight Co is on top of their game. The instructors are always prepared for each flight and do a great job motivating students. In addition, students get invaluable experience talking to ATC. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to rack licenses/ratings in a short amount of time.”

Jas Kakar

Flight Training Student Next to Airplane

“Us Flight Co is a top flight school in Des Moines. I have been pursuing my private pilots license while finishing my senior year of high school. Because of navigating high school classes I was matched one on one with an instructor. This has been a great match and I appreciate the one on one learning I am receiving. Us Flight CO’s fleet of aircraft is diverse and expanding. As a student you have plenty of hours for flying and ground instruction. There is also flexibility to work with your school classes or employment hours.”

Daniel Webster

Flight Training Student Next to Airplane

“I’ve been apart of the career program with US Flight Co since November 2022 and it has been a fantastic experience thus far! My instructors have all been very helpful and the ground course taught by Jeremy prepared me for everything I needed to know on the knowledge test for my PPL. If anyone is looking for a good career program, or an option for just a single license I highly recommend US flight Co!”

Paul Maharry

Flight Training Student Next to Airplane

“It’s been amazing taking my passion for aviation to the next level. It’s been awesome partnering with US Flight Co and I love that they’re able to work around my insanely busy work schedule. They truly care about the student experience, and I’ve had such a great experience. I’ve learned SO MUCH. It’s so awesome to see my dream of getting a pilot’s license becoming a reality. I also love that this is a locally owned business that’s invested in this community.”

Mariah Lewis

Flight Training Student Next to Airplane

“Very pleased with US Flight Co at their Des Moines location. I was able to knock out my instrument rating in no time. Great instructors. Great atmosphere.”

Gad Huseman

Flight Training Student Next to Airplane

“I started the career program at US Flight Co in September 2022 and have loved every moment so far! All of the instructors are very friendly and knowledgeable and will help you pass your check rides and knowledge tests with ease! If you are thinking about becoming a pilot this is the place you need to be!”

Noah Robinson

“Great flight school with instructors that care. Helping me reach my dreams in a fast track way was very important to me and they have done a great job in doing so. Definitely recommend U.S. Flight Co!”

Jack Cihota

Here’s the deal, we are confident you will absolutely love training with us! But just in case you are wondering what happens if you decide this isn’t for you?

At any time you can simply pause your training and get reimbursed for any hours you didn’t use. And any hours you logged are yours to keep and will even transfer to other flight schools. 


40+ Hours In the Aircraft
30+ Hours of 1 on 1 Ground Instruction
All Books, Materials, and Equipment (Except for an iPad with Foreflight)
The Most Complete Online Training Library
You Will Receive Training On the Follow Topics:
– Applicable Federal Aviation Regulations
– How to Access and Use Various Aviation Resources
– Aeronautical Charts and Navigation
– Radio Communication Procedures
– Weather, Reports, and Forecasts
– Aircraft Performance
– Weight and Balance
– Aircraft Systems, Powerplants, and Aerodynamics
– Stall Awareness and Recovery
– Aeronautical Decision Making
– And More!


How Much Does It Cost to Get My Private Pilot License?

Many schools will tell you that you can get your private pilot license for quite a bit less, but they are often a bit misleading as they only include the FAA minimum hours, and don’t include things like check-ride fees or ground instruction.

We have had people get their license for less than $9,000 however we recommend having an available budget of at least $15,000 as most people will need more than the minimum training.

A budget of 15,000 will give you plenty of time in the aircraft, lots of extra instruction,
ground instruction, it will cover checkride fees, and even allow a budget for some equipment like a

How Long Does It Take to Get My Private Pilot License?

We have had students fly in commercially, train for 2 weeks and leave with their license. However that isn’t for most!

It typically takes 3 to 4 months to get your certificate if you can commit 10 hours per
week between a couple flight lessons, ground lessons, and self study.

How Many Hours Are Required to Get My Pilot’s License?

Only 40 Hours are required to obtain a private pilot certificate, however most students will require more than the minimum training. 50-60 Hours is a reasonable goal.

What Do You Do for Ground Training?

We utilize an online ground school and supplement it with 1 on 1 ground instruction to ensure you have the knowledge to pass the required tests and be a safe and competent pilot. Budget about 30 hours of 1 on 1 ground instruction for your private pilot training.

How Much Do You Charge for the Aircraft?

Currently our aircraft rental for $160/Hour.

How Much Do You Charge for Instruction?

Our current rate is $55/Hour for Flight or Ground Instruction.

How Much Do You Charge for the Flight Simulator?

Time on the flight simulator is $50/Hour.