Flight Training Loan

Get The Funds You Need to Start Your Career

We are excited to help you on your journey to becoming an airline pilot. We have removed one of the biggest road blocks to people achieving their dream career By offering full financing to cover training, supplies, housing, and more!

We are able to offer this option due to our structured training program designed to get you to the airlines as fast as possible.

Our financial partners offer full deferment of payments until you are completely done with your training. This means you do not have to work while training and instead can focus on flying full time. 

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Full Program Financing

Your loan will cover the full training expense including aircraft rental, instruction, material & books, testing & check ride fees, and housing.

Flexible Repayment Options

Don't start paying until after you complete your training with repayment options from 6 to 15 years. Chose what works best for you.

Preferred Lending Partner

We work with an aviation specific lender who understands what it takes to complete your training and is there to see you succeed.

Flight School Financing

We have partnered with an aviation specific lender to bring students financial security through their training. We think it is important that career oriented students be able to focus their full attention on their training. Our loan packages not only will cover the entire cost of your training but can also include things such as housing and living expenses so you won’t need to manage a full time job while training with us. 

Unsecured Student Loan, Co-Borrower Recommended

An income is usually required to qualify for loan through our partners, therefore we recommend full-time students to apply with a Co-Borrower. We recommended using a Co-Borrower with good credit history and a stable income during the training (example: parent, spouse/partner, etc.)

Cover the Cost of Your Entire Training

By using our financing partner you will have the ability to cover the entire cost of your training including books and supplies, housing, and even living expenese. 

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