Becoming an Airline Pilot

Fast Track Airline Pilot Program

Our Airline Professional Pilot Program offers you an affordable fast track to the airlines. We have multiple airline partners meaning your dream career is within reach! Become career ready in less than 9 months while saving tens of thousands compared to other airline training programs!


Complete Fixed Cost Training Package

$84,995 | 9 Months Fast Track

  • Full Deferred Financing Available
  • Student Housing Available
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Career Outlook

The 2020 Boeing Pilot and Technician Outlook projects that 763,000 new civil aviation pilots will be needed to fly the global fleet over the next 20 years. Read the Full Outlook.

According to the 2019-2039 FAA Aerospace Forecast the airline pilot shortage will be an ongoing issue for regional airlines due to the projected growth of the global economy, mandatory pilot retirement, and projected doubling of the airline industry by 2039. Read the Full Forecast. Read the Full Forecast.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the Pilot Median Pay for 2019 was $121,430 per year with a job growth outlook of 5% (Faster than average). See the Full Summary.

About the Professional Airline Pilot Course

Our airline professional pilot course is designed utilizing a proven syllabus. This fast track style training takes you from zero time to a certififed flight instructor with multi-engine and instrument ratings. We have financing programs in place so you can focus on training without need to work on the side!

To ensure the highest quality of training with adequate instructor to student ratio we limit the size of each class.

What’s It Take to Become an Airline Pilot?

Most regional airlines require the following:

  • 23 Years old.
  • 1500 Hours Total Time
  • 500 Hours Cross Country Time
  • 100 Hours Night
  • 75 Hours Instrument
  • 25 Hours Actual Multi Engine Time

Most of these hour requirements are met by flight instructing, however other jobs such as pipeline inspection, freight, or flying skydivers are also common jobs for commercial pilots.

Fully Furnished Luxury Apartments Available for Students

We have furnished upscale apartments ready for students who are relocating to attend our Fast Track Airline Pilot Program. We can put multiple in a room to keep costs down or you can reserve a room to yourself if you prefer your space. Check out the Student Housing page to learn more!

Competitor Comparison

US Flight Co

  • Private Pilot Certificate – Single Engine
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate – Single & Multi Engine
  • Flight Instructor Certificate – Single, Multi Engine, & Instrument
  • Headset, Training Materials, and Books
Best Value

Only $84,995

Top Competitor

  • Private Pilot Certificate – Single Engine
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate – Single & Multi Engine
  • Flight Instructor Certificate – Single, Multi Engine, & Instrument
  • Headset, Training Materials, and Books NOT INCLUDED


* Program Prices do not include FAA Knowledge Test Fees,  Examiner/Checkride Fees, Flight Medical Fee or any taxes.

**Fuel Surcharges may apply at times of unexpected high fuel prices.

Your Journey Starts Here

Discovery Flight

Take the controls and fully engage in this flying experience as an instructor walks you through the steps. 

2 Months

Private Pilot License

This license will allow you take to the skies with friends and family as you fly for pleasure or travel.

4 Months

Instrument Rating

Refine your skills as you learn to fly and navigate solely through the use of aircraft instruments. 

7 Months

Commercial Pilot License

This is the license that allows you to fly for compensation and get a job as a pilot. Common jobs at this level are flying for pipeline / powerline inspection, ferry pilot, and sky diving pilot.

8 Months

Certified Flight Instructor Rating

This rating is required to teach other people how to fly. This is the most common way to log the time required to meet airline requirements.

9 Months

Multi Engine Instructor Rating

This rating is required to fly and teach in aircraft with more than 1 engine. While this rating can be accomplished in as little as 10 hours, we include a full 25 Horus as this is the minimum required by the airlines.

10 Months

Begin Working as a Flight Instructor

Working as a flight instructor is the most common way to accumulated the 1500 Total Time hours required by the airlines. At US Flight Co. we know our flight instructors are our most valuable asset. This is why we pay our instructors well above the industry average. 

End of Year 2

Begin Flying For Regional Airline

Upon accumulation of 1500 hours and 200 hours of cross country time you can apply for an ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) rating. This will allow you to get hired on at a regional airline. 

What Are The Perquisites to Enroll in the Airline Professional Pilot Training Program?

  • Be able to read, write speak, and understand the English language.
  • Must be 17 years or older.
  • Must be able to pass a health physical.
  • Students Taller than 6′ or more than 220 lbs must complete a comfort & control check.

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