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Airline Pilot After Completing Training


Over the years we had so many students come to us in the same situation, just wanting more out of life. They expressed they didn’t care for their job, or their current line of work was hard on their bodies so they were looking for something different. 

Most already had an interest in aviation and many were already working towards their private pilot license on the side. 

When we looked for solutions we realized there weren’t many.

Their options were go to college for several years, wasting a ridiculous amount of time in classrooms learning about basic Gen Ed stuff that didn’t relate at all to what they would do as a professional pilot…

Or they could go to the big name school that most of us have heard of.  However, researching online forums quickly revealed that the big name school actually sucks.

They have no standard way of teaching and just cram people through. They have become known throughout the industry as producing sub-par pilots. 

We heard countless stories of people who were forced to take check rides when they were clearly not ready…

So waste several years or miss out on quality instruction that results in being a safe and competent pilot. 

We knew at that moment we had to step up and fill the gap

So we designed the Fast Track Airline Pilot Program to help you get through your training in less than a year, without cutting any corners on the quality of training you receive.


Will I be able to actually get a job as an airline pilot?

The airlines have shown the strongest hiring demand we have seen in decades. With a large number of current pilots facing mandatory retirement at 65 and a growing demand in air travel it has been forecasted that we will need 649,000 new pilots over the next 20 years! 

The airline industry isn’t saturated with pilots….yet!

I wish I could afford to become a pilot…

We knew this would be an issue for many people, so when we put together the Fast Track Airline Pilot Program we were relentless in our search for a financing partner to offer students a way to complete training and pay nothing out of pocket! 

Our recommended lender understands aviation and offers financing with deferred payments for up to 3 years, allowing you to not only complete the program, but also complete the time building phase before making full payments!

I live too far way…

No problem! We have put together fully furnished student housing to take off the pressure and allow you to focus fully on your training. You can even wrap the housing costs into your loan meaning you won’t have to pay anything out of pocket!

You may be wondering…”Can I even learn how to fly?”

Many people are shocked to find out that you don’t have to be extremely talented or smart to become a pilot. Most people will have no issue picking up this skill! 

Which school is the best?

We have simply put together the best school in every aspect. We have the best fleet with a variety of aircraft, the best team with both young and older highly experienced instructors, we train at the best airport which isn’t too busy but still offers valuable ATC (Air Traffic Control) experience, and we offer the best atmosphere with a student first approach to everything we do. 

What about the weather in Iowa?

Ahh yes….let me ask you, would you want to fly on an airline with a pilot who has never flown in the wind? 

When you train with us you will get exposed to all aspects of weather from flying through the clouds which we call actual IMC, to learning to deal with the wind, and of course you will learn about winter operations and avoiding icing. Pilots who train in the real weather are simply better pilots and significantly safer pilots.

Look, after going through our Fast Track Airline Pilot Program you will without a doubt be an exceptional pilot, with all the certificates and ratings through multi engine instructor so you will stand out from the crowd and be very employable!

Flight Training Student Next to Airplane

“I started the career program at US Flight Co in September 2022 and have loved every moment so far! All of the instructors are very friendly and knowledgeable and will help you pass your check rides and knowledge tests with ease! If you are thinking about becoming a pilot this is the place you need to be!”

Noah Robinson

Flight Training Student Next to Airplane

“US Flight Co is on top of their game. The instructors are always prepared for each flight and do a great job motivating students. In addition, students get invaluable experience talking to ATC. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to rack licenses/ratings in a short amount of time.”

Jas Kakar

Flight Training Student Next to Airplane

“I’ve been apart of the career program with US Flight Co since November 2022 and it has been a fantastic experience thus far! My instructors have all been very helpful and the ground course taught by Jeremy prepared me for everything I needed to know on the knowledge test for my PPL. If anyone is looking for a good career program, or an option for just a single license I highly recommend US flight Co!”

Paul Maharry

“Great flight school with instructors that care. Helping me reach my dreams in a fast track way was very important to me and they have done a great job in doing so. Definitely recommend U.S. Flight Co!”

Jack Cihota

Flight Training Student Next to Airplane

“Absolutely amazing crew of people. Great instructors who are all willing to help, even if they are not your primary instructor. Very relaxed environment and very personable people to train with. If you are looking for quality instruction look no further.”

Junior Myers

Flight Training Student Next to Airplane

“The facilities and airplanes are top notch. The staff and Certified Flight Instructors will work with you in anyway possible to either accomplish your dream of becoming a pilot or if you just want to get your privates license. I would highly recommend US Flight Co if you are wanting to get just your privates license or go up to the commercial level.”

Fynn Beard

Flight Training Student Next to Airplane

“It’s been amazing taking my passion for aviation to the next level. It’s been awesome partnering with US Flight Co and I love that they’re able to work around my insanely busy work schedule. They truly care about the student experience, and I’ve had such a great experience. I’ve learned SO MUCH. It’s so awesome to see my dream of getting a pilot’s license becoming a reality. I also love that this is a locally owned business that’s invested in this community.”

Mariah Lewis

Flight Training Student Next to Airplane

“Very pleased with US Flight Co at their Des Moines location. I was able to knock out my instrument rating in no time. Great instructors. Great atmosphere.”

Gad Huseman

Flight Training Student Next to Airplane

“Us Flight Co is a top flight school in Des Moines. I have been pursuing my private pilots license while finishing my senior year of high school. Because of navigating high school classes I was matched one on one with an instructor. This has been a great match and I appreciate the one on one learning I am receiving. Us Flight CO’s fleet of aircraft is diverse and expanding. As a student you have plenty of hours for flying and ground instruction. There is also flexibility to work with your school classes or employment hours.”

Daniel Webster

Here’s the deal, we are confident you will absolutely love training with us! But just in case you are wondering what happens if you decide this isn’t for you?

At any time you can simply pause your training and get reimbursed for any hours you didn’t use.

Any hours you logged are yours to keep and will even transfer to other flight schools. 


Private Pilot Certificate
Instrument Rating
Commercial Pilot Certificate
Certified Flight Instructor Certificate
Certified Flight Instructor Instrument
Mult Engine Commercial
Multi Engine Instructor
All Books, Materials, and Equipment (Except for an iPad with Foreflight)
The Most Complete Online Training Library
More than 200 Hours One on One Ground Instruction
295 Total Flight Hours
25 Hours Multi-Engine
Unlimited Use of Flight Simulator
Nearly 500 Hours Total Instruction


How Much Do Airline Pilots Make?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Median Annual Pay for Airline Pilots, Co-Pilots, and Flight Engineers in May of 2021 was $202,180.

How Much Does the Program Cost?

Our Fast Track Airline Pilot Program is a fixed cost program and is $84,995 before taxes and third party testing fees.

Are There Any Additional Fees?

Checkride and testing fees are set by third party providers and can cost up to $10,000 for the full Fast Track Airline Pilot Program. These additional expenses are included in our financing options meaning you won’t have to pay out of pocket if using our financing partner.

How Long is the Program?

The Fast Track Airline Pilot Program is designed to be completed in as little as 9 Months, however
unlike our competitors if you fall behind we are not going to “kick you out”. So if you need additional time to get through the program you have up to 12 months. We want you to finish the program!

What if I don’t Use All The Funds?

If you pause your training or finish the program and don’t use all of your hours you will be reimbursed at the hourly rate for the unused time.

Have You placed Students in the Airlines?

Yes! We have students who took advantage of our partnership program with Republic Airways, however you can fly for other regional airlines if you wish!

How Much Time Do I Need to Budget per Week?

You will be scheduled for 5-7 Flight Lessons Per Week. You will need to budget about 2 and 1⁄2 hours for each flight lesson. Average flight time per lesson is about 1.7 hours.
In addition to flight lessons are ground lessons. Ground lessons will be 1 on 1 with your instructor.
They will vary in length anywhere from 1 – 2 hours. You will also be required to complete self study each week. Expect to dedicate 30-40 hour each week to hit the 9 month goal. However if you want to go slower you can!

Can I Work While I Do This?

A part time job is manageable while in the program, however to maximize flight time the more flexible you can be the better. A full time job is not recommended while enrolled in the program. If you need help covering living expenses while attending we may be able to wrap those into your loan.

What are The Prerequisites to Enroll?

To reserve your spot in the next class section you will need to get a first class flight medical, and receive approval for financing, or pay the first third of the program cost if paying out of pocket.

Do You Hire Instructors Who Complete the Program?

Yes! While we cannot absolutely guarantee a job upon completion we love hiring students who
complete the program as they are already familiar with our processes, aircraft and airspace.

What Happens When I Finish the Program?

Upon completion of the program you will qualify for entry level jobs. If airlines are your goal you will need to accumulate a total of 1500 flight hours to qualify for an ATP certificate. The most common way to do this is by working as a flight instructor. Our instructors usually get their time within 1-2 years!

How Do I Apply for Financing?

You can start your financing application by going here When
submitting the application enter the amount listed in the drop down for the program that applies to you. (ie. include taxes and third party testing fees and/or housing expenses)