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Airline Pilot Training Over Des Moines


From no experience to the airlines. Our Fast Track Airline Pilot Program at the Johnson County Executive Airport(KOJC) will have you career ready in as little as 9 months. We even have full deferred financing available to fund your training.

Unlike our competitors we will schedule you to fly 7 times per week. Some days may require you to fly twice per day so this is a full time commitment to focus on completing flight school as fast as possible so you can get started with your career. 

Don’t worry, we are not going to cut any corners here, our experienced instructors follow a detailed and structured training system to ensure you don’t miss a thing! 

Student Pilot and Instructor in Airplane During Flight Lesson


If you are looking to pick up your private pilot license, instrument rating, or other certificate but need to work around a busy schedule this is your best route.  This path is also great for students who live in the Kansas City Metro area and are only available to fly 2-3 times per week. Our self paced courses follow the same syllabus and instruction standards as our Fast Track Airline Pilot Program so you can be sure you will receive complete and professional training that will allow you to safely and confidently fly an aircraft.


Our Kansas City location offers several accelerated flight training options including Accelerated Private Pilot, Instrument Training, and Commercial Pilot Training. We have furnished housing available to make your stay comfortable and easy. Our Accelerated Private Pilot Course will get you your pilot certificate in as little as 14 days! See available Accelerated Programs Here.


First Class Training Environment

Our Olathe, KS location offer ample class room space and briefing areas for you and your instructor at the Johnson County Executive Airport. While our office space certainly won't disappoint, our favorite part of this location is its proximately to the amazing views above the city as well as an ideal, uncongested training area just to the south. Being able to get out of controlled airspace fast means your time and money goes further on each flight.

Valuable ATC Experience

Our flight school in the Kansas City Metro is located at a Class D airport which means you interact with ATC (Air Traffic Control) on every flight from day 1 just as you will as a professional pilot! Don't worry, your flight instructor will help you through it! One of the best things about flight training in Kansas City is you get this extremely valuable experience with minimal wasted time on the ground as the airport in Olathe isn't nearly as busy as the larger airports.

Experienced Instructors

We have a consistently growing team of experienced flight instructors who know how to teach you the skills and knowledge you need to be a safe and competent pilot. Our flight instructors in Kansas City have expertise in a a variety of disciplines including meteorology, aerodynamics, and flight operations. We also have several newer instructors who are hungry and wanting to fly every hour possible meaning they will fly when you want to even if it means evenings or weekends.

Take Advantage of Our Full Financing Today!

Full Deferred Financing Means No Payments Until After You Complete Training!



The Pipistrel Alpha Trainer is the perfect modern training aircraft. Pipistrel has brought a truly fun to fly trainer back to flight schools. With a useful load that actually works for modern Americans, helicopter like visibility, and handling that is more closer to a Porshe rather than a truck like our competitors aircraft.

Combining the stunning visibility, exciting yet easy flying qualities,  unmatched safety features, and the latest and greatest avionics from Garmin and you get the perfect trainer. 

The Kevlar occupant shell, AOA (Angle of Attack Indicator) with haptic stall warning, emergency level button via the autopilot, relatively slow landing speeds, and BPRS Parachute Recovery System make this modern trainer easily the safest in its class.

These aircraft are categorized as Technically Advanced Aircraft and can be use for the required 10 Hours of TAA time for commercial pilot training. 

Pipistrel Alpha Trainer Aircraft
GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium View From a Training Flight

Frequently Asked Questions

Most students will take between 2 or 3 months to get their private pilot license. With our accelerated programs you can get your private pilot license in as little as 14 days!

The FAA minimum is 40 hours, nationwide average is about 56 hours to get their license. With our accelerated full immersion style training most students are close to the 40 hour minimum.

Expect to pay between $12,000 - $13,000 for a Private Pilot License. Many school don't advertise the true cost which includes checkride and testing fees of up to $1200 plus medical certificate, books and supplies, ground instruction, and of course tax. 

Our current aircraft rental rate is $160/Hour Wet (Fuel Included) our current instructor rate is $55/Hour. Most lessons are about 1.3 hours long so expect to pay around $280 per lesson. 

Airlines typically cover training for type ratings and in some cases will cover the cost for pilots to get their Airline Transport Rating.
Meet up with one of our FAA Certified Instructors and they will lay out a path for you to achieve your dream of becoming a pilot using our proven curriculum.
All of our flight instructors are trained on navigating all the specific requirements to start flight training including TSA Approvals, Student Pilot Certificates, and Flight Medicals. Give us a call today to meet with an instructor and start the process.

Flight Instructors at Kansas City, KS

Elijah a Flight Instructor in Kansas City.

Elijah Leininger

Certified Flight Instructor | CFI
Elijah has always been passionate about flying and has been a pilot since the age of seventeen. Upon graduating high school, he enlisted in the Missouri Air National Guard as a Loadmaster on the C-130. After completing his military training, he enrolled at the University of Central Missouri to further his education in aviation. Now as a CFI, Elijah hopes to help others realize their flying dreams and reach their goals.
Han, a Flight Instructor in Kansas City

Han Zhao

Certified Flight Instructor | CFII MEI
The one that was brought up by multiple cultures, a loyal aviation fan. My name is Han Zhao, I came to the States in 2015 and spent 8 years on aviation. I graduated from K-state University with a professional aviation degree. Possessing 800+ flight hours, I have been to different airports in this country that defined by me as “territories”. I have achieved most of my goals and eventually found there is still a long way to go and need to be humble. Here I am, to pass on the knowledge, to enlighten people that have the same dream, to achieve others.
Ebook Guide on How to Become a Pilot

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Learn Everything You Need To Know To Get Started On The Right Track Saving You Time and Money On Your Flight Training...
  • Discover Our Proven System for Getting to The Airlines Fast!
  • Understand the Career Outlook for Airline Pilots
  • Learn Exactly What Steps to Complete Prior to Starting Training
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