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Private Pilot Program US Flight Co

Private Pilot Program Mission

Program Mission

To give aviators a planned pathway to achieve their next pilots license or rating. This program lays out the entire process starting on day one of training. This program is for dedicated students who are serious about getting their private pilots license. 

Private Pilot License Cost

Low Cost & Efficent

History proves that students who don’t have a training schedule end up spending more time and money obtaining their pilots license. Knowing what’s ahead allows the student to study in advance, plan more effectively, and most important EXECUTE THE PLAN.

Private Pilot Training

Top-Notch Training

US Flight Co’s Private Pilot Curriculum uses the King School platform for training. King Schools has been used to produce over 50% of the licesned pilots today! Don’t just be a pilot, be a pilot that exceeds expectations. To learn more about King Schools Training Platform click here

Program Details

Start by filling out the private pilot enrollment form below. A US Flight Co representitive will reach out to discuss your goals and answer additional questions. Their’s NO OBLIGATION to enroll. THEIR ARE NO CANCELLATION FEES. Students in the pilot program pick the days and times they want to fly each week (example Tuesday & Saturdays 6pm).  Students are able to schedule more lessons if they want. These additional lessons will be scheduled in addition to their regular flight schedule. Students will know approximately when they’ll obtain their private pilots license from day one. Time required to obtain the license depends on how many lessons the student chooses per week. Find a training location near you on our Locations Page.

Private Pilot Ground School Options

Online Ground School: This is the lowest cost ground school solution and is done on your own time at home. When completed recieve a certificate to take private written test.

One on One With CFI: Schedule ground school lessons directly with a CFI. This is more thorough and completed in addition to your flight schedule. Receive CFI endorsement for private written test.

Combo: Purchase the online ground school and brush up with a CFI on weak areas. When completed receive a certificate to take private written test.

Private Pilot Program Cost


Pay for each lesson as you go
$ 77
00 Hr (Plus Fuel)
  • Full Program Layout With Estimated Completion Date
  • 24/7 Phone & Email Support / Guidance
  • No commitments, No Cancellation Fees​
  • Estimated Total Cost: 8060.00
  • King Schools Curriculum


Receive Discount For Up Front Payment
$ 72
00 Hr (Plus Fuel)
  • Full Program Layout With Estimated Completion Date
  • Refund Anytime With 500.00 Dollar Processing Fee
  • 24/7 Phone & Email Support / Guidance
  • Estimated Total Cost: 7860.00
  • King Schools Curriculum

Private Pilot Estimated Time Line

Lessons Per Week Estimated Completion
2 Lessons 5 Months
3 Lessons 3.5 Months
4 Lessons 2.5 Months
5 Lessons 2 Months

Enrollment Form Private Pilot Program

Start your journey here! If you have additional questions about the program enter them in the additional comments section below.