Private Pilot License


Build Time For 55 Dollars Per Hour Plus Fuel!

Looking to build time to reach the next level? Try US Flight Co’s time building program. This program is avialable nationwide. Enroll individually or as a group. This super flexible program allows fast and convenient time building in the lower 48 states. Enrolled pilots receive a time building aircraft at their location of choice! In addition, our time building aircraft are maintained with high standards and kept on a 100 hour inspection program. 

Commercial Pilot Time Building

Flexiable Aircraft Schedule

It’s like having your own personal aircraft without the headaches! Enrolled individuals receive the aircraft at the airport of their choosing (anywhere in the lower 48 states). Come to our headquarters (KDSM) and we’ll send you away with one of our time builders. With US Flight Co’s Pilot Time building program you’ll be able to achieve your next milestone in no time! 

No Maintenance Hassle

No maintenance? No problem! US Flight Co covers all the maintenance cost! When a problem arises simply contact US Flight Co’s maintenance department and they’ll handle it. We operate and insure our aircraft with commercial standards. This means each aircraft will receive a 100 hour inspection. When the 100 hour inspection is due simply fly the aircraft to our headquarters (KDSM) and swap the aircraft out for a fresh one. It’s that simple!

More People, Lower Cost, No Minimum Hours

Get more aircraft availability over a traditional flight school schedule. Group sizes range from 1 to 5 people.  We’ve found the sweet spot to be 3-4 people, but every situation is different. Monthly fixed costs are divided by the number of people in the group. No minimum hours! Get an idea of cost by filling out an application below

The Pilot Time Building Process Made Easy

The Fastest, most cost effective way to building pilot time has never been easier

It’s not rocket science. Low time pilots are looking for the fastest most cost effective way to build pilot time. Pilots entrolled in the US Flight Co time building program acheive their next time building milestone more efficently and with less money than traditional flight schools. Traditionally, their are three options: Rent from a flight school (high cost), purchase your own aircraft (high cost & high headache), or find a friend with an aircraft (not for everyone).

US Flight Co’s Pilot time building program removes the stress by providing well maintained/low cost time building aircraft. Monthly and hourly cost are predetermined. Simply find a hangar or tie down spot at any airport in the lower 48 and your good to go! US Flight Co completes 100 hour inspections on all time building aircraft. This is not only a FAA requirement, but a good opportunity for US Flight Co to properly ensure all aircraft are safe for flight. In addition, it gives the pilots the opportunity to build cross country time, fly a new aircraft, and see more of the country! 
Looking for more resources? Check out this article by AOPA about time building (AOPA Aircraft Time Building)

Aircraft Time Building
Pilot Time Building

2 Pilots

Cost Per Month
$ 700
00 Monthly
  • 55 Dollars Per Hr Dry
  • Excellent Aircraft Avialability
  • No Minimum Hours

3 Pilots

Cost Per Month
$ 467
00 Monthly
  • 55 Dollars Per Hr Dry
  • Great Balance between Avialability & Cost
  • No Minimum Hours

5 Pilots

Cost Per Month
$ 280
00 Monthly
  • 55 Dollars Per Hr Dry
  • Lowest Cost
  • No Minimum Hours

Pilot Time Building Application

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