Traditional Pilot Financing

This form of flight training loan is for individuals looking to pay as they go. This is a good fit for individuals who have a stable income and are looking to approach flight training outside of their normal career / Job. 

Full Deferment Pilot Financing

This form of flight training loan is for individuals who are more serious about flight training. Tailored for career oriented flight training. Loan can be paid back after individual is a commercial pilot. 

Military Pilot Financing

Designed for military service members. Often this form of pilot financial assistance comes as a grant (soldiers do not have to pay back). This is a huge perk for military members!

Traditional Pilot Financing

Pilot Finance Inc.

A solution for part time flight students. Ideal for individuals who have a current source of income and are wanting to fly part time. Pilot Finane Inc. has been around since 1999. Their fast approval process usually takes 24 hours or less to process. In addition they have a low down payment of 250.00 dollars and affordable monthly payments.

AOPA Finance

AOPA Finance is a common source for funding private pilot training. They advertise financing for the private pilot’s license for a little as 150-300 dollars per month. AOPA has been around for a long time advocating for pilots. They’re a great resource for financing and other information throughout your training. Consider joining their membership here

Personal Loan With Local Bank

Another option to fund your pilot training is through your local bank. Often using a personal loan can gain you a better interest rate. Plus with an established relationship with a bank you’re more likely to get a loan approval. We recommend asking for 10,000.00 dollars to obtain your private pilots license. If you don’t use all the funds you can use the funds for another rating/license or pay down your loan.

Full Deferment Pilot Financing

Coming Soon....

Military Pilot Financing

A great way to get FREE financial assistance towards your pilot training. Designed for service members, FLY KDSM is an approved vendor for armyignited. In addition FLY KDSM is working towards vender approval to provide Air Force service members financial assistance. 

Army Ignited Pilot Program

FLY KDSM is an approved vendor for the armyignited program. With this program soldiers are able to receive 4,000.00 dollars per fiscal year on flight training. We are listed as FLY KDSM in the armyignited vendor platform.