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“The aviation sector has been hit in recent times with a growing demand for new pilots as the airline industry continues to experience global shortages in the number of certified pilots. In the next 20 years, airlines in North America alone are going to be in need of around 117,000 new pilots.”

– statista.com

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US Flight Co is a flight school that offers aircraft rental for flight training or recreation in The Twin Cities. Our mission is to make flying affordable, safe, and fun. Our Certified Flight Instructors utilize a proven syllabus to help you achieve your pilot training goals safely and efficiently. We are conveniently located within the St Paul Flight Center building at the airport in Downtown Saint Paul. We have a network of flight instructors with skill sets in different areas of flying that we can recommend. This allows you to hone your flying skills according to your goals. Check out our flight training section for more details! 


At US Flight Co we utilize the iconic Piper  PA-28 Cherokee for our flight school aircraft. The PA-28 has been branded as an aviation trainer for good reason. It is docile, stable and forgiving. The Piper Cherokee flight training aircraft are great for primary, instrument, and commercial training. Check out our aircraft rental section for more details. 

Saint Paul Flight School Aircraft


US Flight Co offers a clean and professional environment for flight training and flight planning.  Students and renters have access to our shared lobby and conference room as well as a private office. We provide a laptop, printer, and WiFi for flight planning, dispatching aircraft, and checking aircraft in during debrief.  Call us today to schedule a tour and check out our facility. 

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On average it takes between 3 and 6 months to get your private pilot license.

The FAA minimum is 40 hours, however most student pilots take about 56 hours to get their license.

We tell people to budget about $10,000 for all the training, aircraft rental, supplies, testing fees, and other miscellaneous items.

With an instructor flight lessons are about $160/hour plus tax.

Airlines typically cover training for type ratings and in some cases will cover the cost for pilots to get their Airline Transport Rating.

Meet up with one of our FAA Certified Instructors and they will lay out a path for you to achieve your dream of becoming a pilot using our proven curriculum.

All of our flight instructors are trained on navigating all the specific requirements to start flight training including TSA Approvals, Student Pilot Certificates, and Flight Medicals. Give us a call today to meet with an instructor and start the process.

The cheapest way to become a pilot is typically by joining the military and being accepted into a flight program. Other than that have a friend or family member let you borrow their plane at little or no cost. Neither of those work? Next is by flying at an affordable flight school such as US Flight Co.


From Zero Hours to Airlines

3 Months

Private Pilot License

This license will allow you take to the skies with friends and family as you fly for pleasure or travel.

6 Months

Instrument Rating

Refine your skills as you learn to fly and navigate solely through the use of aircraft instruments. 

8 Months

Commercial Pilot License

This is the license that allows you to fly for compensation and get a job as a pilot. Common jobs at this level are flying for pipeline / powerline inspection, ferry pilot, and sky diving pilot.

9 Months

Certified Flight Instructor Rating

This rating is required to teach other people how to fly. This is the most common way to log the time required to meet airline requirements.

10 Months

Begin Working as CFI

At US Flight Co. we know our flight instructors are our most valuable asset. This is why we pay our instructors well above the industry average. 

2-3 Years

Begin Flying For Regional Airline

Upon accumulation of 1500 hour and 200 hours of cross country time you can apply for an ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) rating. This will allow you to get hired on at a regional airline. 



N5341S Piper Cherokee PA-28 140


This PA-28 is a great platform for private, instrument, and commercial students. It is also great for recreational flying and can even be used to travel reasonable distances. While this aircraft can technically carry up to three passengers in addition to the pilot, it is more suitable as a two place ie. instructor and student. It is equipped with a 150 H.P Engine. Learn more about the PA-28 here.


  • Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel
  • Garmin GTR200 Digital Com
  • Narco Nav/Com


St. Paul Downtown Airport (KSTP) – Holman Field

Rental Rate:

$125 / Hour Wet (Fuel Included)



Joe Friege

"I found aviation when I was 26 and I love what I do. I enjoy teaching and learning new things. I’m always trying to improve my skills and find new hobbies. Let’s fly and have a good time!"

Tim Forster

Tim is a second-generation pilot that has been around general aviation his whole life. When he was 19 he started to pursue aviation as a hobby. Over the next year, he would achieve his CFI/CFII certificates. Now He flies any chance he can get in his Maule aircraft honing his skills for Backcountry flying. Tim’s newest goal is to help other pilots and aspiring pilots to fulfill their aviation dreams.