US Flight Co. Kansas City Flying Club Membership

Limited Membership Slots Available.

aboutTHE Membership

US FLIGHT CO offers the most affordable aircraft rental solution in the Kansas City area through our VIP Membership Program. Whether using our aircraft for learning to fly or renting for your next cross country trip the rate is just $69/Hour!

Our Members enjoy so much more than just low rental rates. Below are a few of the additional benefits of being a member. 

- Access to Facilities with Heat and A/C

- Office and Desk Space for Flight Planning or Training​

- Shared Lobby Area

- Discounts on Full Service Fuel

- Convenient Easy to Use Online Scheduling

- Time Building Opportunities

- 24/7 Access to Our Aircraft

- WiFi, Computer, and Printer Access

- Discounted Rate For Aircraft Rental at Our Other Locations

Where is the aircraft located?

We are conveniently located on the Signature Flight Support ramp at KMKC (Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport)

US Flight Co

500 Richards Rd.

Kansas City, MO 64116

How Much Does Renting The Aircraft Cost?

Aircraft Rental Rate

$ 69 Per Hour

Buy Your Fuel

$ 35 Per Hour
  • 8 Gallons Per Hour & $4.34/Gallon
  • Fuel prices Subject to Change*

Total Cost

$ 104 Per Hour

How Do I Reserve The Plane?

Reserving the plane is quick and simple with our online scheduling software. Once your membership is accepted you will receive access to the schedule. Simply click the date you want to fly and enter the details. 

When you are ready to fly dispatch the plane, then check it in when you are done. That easy!

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** Memberships are limited and available on a first come first serve basis to ensure adequate aircraft availability. **

How Do I Start Taking Lessons?

If you are looking to start taking flying lessons the process is simple. First you must become a member to start renting the plane. Then we will get you in touch with a Certified Flight Instructor who will lay out a plan for you to achieve your goals and help you step by step through the process. 

We use independent flight instructors to give you the most options to choose from. We want you to find an instructor that has the teaching style and personality that will work best for you!

Feel Free to give us a call with any questions about how the process works. (816)-542-7525

Click below to learn more about flight training with us.

What Are The Prerequisites to Join?

There are no prerequisites to join, however if you are new to flying or looking to get started we strongly recommend taking a discovery flight. You do not need to be a member to take a discovery flight. This will allow you the opportunity to take the flight controls and see if flying is something you will truly enjoy. 

Call or message us today to setup a Discovery Flight!

How Much Time Do I Need to Rent The Plane?

We do not have any minimum total time or minimum time in make and model. We simply require a checkout flight with a CFI. If there are large gaps in your flying we may require additional checkouts as deemed necessary for safe operation. 

How Do I Cancel My Club Membership?

We support the easy come easy go model. When your ready to leave the club simply submit a written notice to

How Do I Join the Flying Club?

At US FLIGHT CO we support your freedom to fly without hurting your pocket book. We offer the lowest joining fee, low monthly fees, and low hourly aircraft rates.

The first step to become a member of the US Flight Co Kansas City Flying Club is to simply fill out the following form. After we receive the submission one of our team members will reach out with the next step.  

Limited Memberships Available!