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Iowa Flight School – The Best Choice

Flight Training in Des Moines, Iowa

Embarking on the journey of flight training is an exhilarating endeavor, and Iowa stands as a unique and picturesque backdrop for aspiring aviators. Nestled in the heart of the Midwest, Iowa offers distinctive advantages for those seeking to earn their wings.

US Flight Co is an Iowa flight school that makes your training extra special. Welcome to a place where you can follow your dreams of becoming a pilot, and receive everything you need to start your new career in record time!

Why attending an Iowa Flight School is the best option?

Iowa’s ever-changing weather patterns present a unique advantage for flight training. Pilots trained in Iowa gain invaluable experience navigating through diverse weather conditions, from clear skies to challenging winds. And yes you will get actual instrument (IMC) time when training with us! You won’t find very many good instrument flying days in Arizona.

Training in Iowa fosters a deep understanding of weather-related challenges, preparing pilots for the real-world scenarios they will encounter in their future careers.

1. Better Stick & Rudder Piloting Skill

    Attending flight school in Iowa you will learn in the real world how to deal with wind, what the limits of the airplane are and what your personal limitations are. This real world experience is invaluable! As you progress through your career you will likely find yourself in a situation with wind that is much higher than was predicted, having dealt with wind in your training will prepare you for situations that could otherwise be catastrophic.

    2. Better Flight Planning and Aeronautical Decision Making

      If the weather is almost perfect every single day throughout your training you will never have to make a decision not to fly. If you don’t actively consider risk and practice aeronautical decision making you won’t have this important  skill set when you enter the real world.

      While attending flight school in Iowa you will have to learn how to not only understand the current weather but also how to predict what weather is coming and when. You will have an in depth understanding of weather patterns, forecasting, and what tools are available to help you with planning as you will use these skills almost every day. 

      3. Better Pilotage and Navigation Skills

        Lets face it, while Iowa offers a lot of beauty it is certainly pretty flat. There are no towering mountains, oceans, or other large geographical features. There are a lot of fields, roadways forming perfect squares, and small towns which all look very similar from the sky. This means when we do cross country pilot training a lot of thought must go into selecting visual landmarks which we use to ensure we are on course.

        Even after selecting great landmarks it can be challenging to pick them out from the sky. This means ensuring our calculations and timing is even more important as it helps us verify where we are. If you can navigate visually through the midwest any other geographical area will be incredibly easy. 

        4. Awesome People and Flight Instructors

          Midwest hospitality isn’t a myth. People here are just different from the rest of the country. Everyone on our team from our administrators, instructors to the owners all have a genuine interest in helping and seeing you succeed!

          Even the mechanics that service the aircraft have personalities that are just good to be around. The atmosphere and people provide a learning environment that works for almost anybody. 

          Why US Flight Co is The Best Iowa Flight School

          1. Amazing Facilities

          At US Flight Co, we have a cool and modern place for you to learn. We are located within Signature’s brand new state of the art facility!

          Not only is this facility an amazing environment to learn in, but you are also surrounded by all sorts of amazing aircraft every single day!

          As you walk from our class room area to the flight line you will walk through a huge hangar housing a wide array of private business jets, turbo prop aircraft, and more! Once you reach the ramp at any given time there will be from a few to dozens of business jet aircraft, military aircraft, and other General Aviation operators.

          All aircraft ground movement and fueling is done by Signature Aviation meaning you don’t have to waste time filling up the aircraft after each flight!

          Iowa Flight School Classroom and Office

          2. New & Modern Training Aircraft

          We have expanded our fleet to include 3 brand new Pipistrel Alpha Trainers. These aircraft are truly cutting edge with absolute latest avionics from Garmin, including Electronic Flight Displays, GPS Systems, and even Autopilot!

          You will learn how to use the latest technology and fly safer with improved situational awareness for example you can see other aircraft and weather while in the air!

          We have retained our legacy aircraft as well which will allow you to learn the basics and learn how to interpret analog instruments. This means you will be prepared to fly for any employer and be able to quickly learn whatever aircraft are in their fleet.

          Iowa Flight School Airplane in a Hangar Next to a Honda Jet

          2. The Best Instructors

          Our teachers are experienced pilots who know a lot about flying. They don’t just teach you the basics; they also guide you to become the best pilot you can be. They really care about your success and are there to help you every step of the way.

          We have multiple Gold Seal Flight Instructors on our team, this is an FAA stamp of approval that is only earned by acquiring a very high check ride pass rate for students within a relatively short amount of time.

          We are a relatively small operation compared to some of the big name schools. The benefit of this is we know our instructors very well. Any instructors who don’t uphold our company values are quickly removed from the organization so you won’t find any hour chasers here!

          Most of our instructors are full time, since this is all they do you won’t have any issue with scheduling or availability when training with us!

          In addition we have many highly experienced instructors on our team. So not only do you get the quality of instruction with Gold Seal CFIs, but you also get to extract information from pilots who have real world experience. This real world experience allows us to train you on scenarios you will likely face when you are out in the wild after your training!

          3. Structured Syllabus

          We utilize a proven, structured syllabus so both you and your instructor know exactly whats been covered and what you need to work on next. This system allows you to both become an exceptional pilot and progress through the training in record time!

          The Best Airport For Learning to Fly in Iowa

          The Des Moines International Airport is one of if not the best airport for flight training. You get to apply many concepts that other schools just talk about. For example when attending to flight school in Des Moines Iowa you will often deal with wake turbulence since large aircraft are operating at the same airport.

          You also must get clearance and talk to ATC on every flight. This quickly cements in a very important skill when learning to fly. Many pilots are afraid to fly into Des Moines because they don’t have this skill!

          However even with those benefits there is almost no negative. Some people fear the airport would be “too busy”. However if you ask any of our students you will quickly learn you almost never have to wait for other traffic. The Des Moines Airport offers all the amenities that help you to build important skills but it’s not busy or congested which makes it the perfect airport to complete flight training in Iowa!

          Join the Iowa Pilot Training Community

          Choosing US Flight Co means choosing to learn from the best. If you’re ready to start your flying journey, come join the US Flight Co family. Let’s make your dreams of becoming a skilled pilot a reality, right here in Iowa.

          Just like the Wright brothers said, “The airplane stays up because it doesn’t have time to fall.” With US Flight Co, every takeoff brings you closer to the incredible possibilities waiting for you in the sky.

          Visit US Flight Co to learn more about our programs and why we’re the best choice for learning to fly in Iowa.

          Anthony Fowler | Co-Founder of US Flight Co. Avatar

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