Airline Career Pilot Program

Fastest Path to Become an Airline Pilot

Fast Track, Airline-Oriented Training Proven by Thousands of Successful Airline Pilots.

The Airline Career Pilot Program offers you the training, resources, and airline partnerships you need to become an airline pilot. Complete the program in seven months (from zero time) and start flying as an airline pilot in two years – proven by more graduates flying for airlines than from any other academy.

  • Pilot Certification through Commercial and Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI — Multi, Single, Instrument)
  • Fast-Track, Total Immersion Flight Training
  • ATP Elevate Ground School
  • Airline-Oriented Procedures and Experience
  • Fixed Cost, with Airline Tuition Reimbursement
  • ATP Training Bundle and Comprehensive Online Training Courseware
  • 100+ Hour Multi-Engine Option Available
  • 38 Airline Partnerships Offering a Direct Path to the Major Airlines
  • 81 Nationwide Locations

Request free program info — learn cost, locations, prereqs, and how you can become a pilot.

Start from Zero Time

$96,995 | 7 Months Fast Track

Or Start with Credit for Private Pilot

Fast Track Timeline

Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot with CFIs in Just 7 Months

Your Journey Starts Here

Intro Flight

Take the controls and fully engage in this flying experience as an instructor walks you through the steps. 

2 Months

Private Pilot License

This license will allow you take to the skies with friends and family as you fly for pleasure or travel.

4 Months

Instrument Rating

Refine your skills as you learn to fly and navigate solely through the use of aircraft instruments. 

7 Months

Commercial Pilot License

This is the license that allows you to fly for compensation and get a job as a pilot. Common jobs at this level are flying for pipeline / powerline inspection, ferry pilot, and sky diving pilot.

8 Months

Certified Flight Instructor Rating

This rating is required to teach other people how to fly. This is the most common way to log the time required to meet airline requirements.

9 Months

Multi Engine Instructor Rating

This rating is required to fly and teach in aircraft with more than one engine. While you can typically acquire this rating in as little as 10 hours, we include 25 Hours Actual Multi-Engine time as this is the minimum required by the airlines. 

10 Months

Begin Working as a Flight Instructor

Working as a flight instructor is the most common way to acquire the 1500 hours Total Time required by the airlines. At US Flight Co. we know our flight instructors are our most valuable asset. This is why we pay our instructors well above the industry average. 

End of Year 2

Begin Flying For Regional Airline

Upon accumulation of 1500 hours and 200 hours of cross country time you can apply for an ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) rating. This will allow you to get hired on at a regional airline. 

How to Become an Airline Pilot

ATP's Airline Career Pilot Program Explained

Get your complete guide on ATP's Pilot Program — Cost, Locations, Pre Reqs, and More.

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