CFI Affiliate Opportunities

Build Time Quickly, Be Your Own Boss, Earn Great Pay, And Become A CFI Affiliate!

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Article: CFI Affiliate Opportunities

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Affiliate Program Overview

Article: CFI Affiliate Opportunities

US Flight Co is a nationwide flight school providing career focused flight instruction. CFI affiliates teach students enrolled in our 0 to CFII Fast Track Program. This affiliate program allows CFI’s & CFII’s an opportunity to be their own boss, build hours, and earn great pay in the process. Approved CFI affiliates receive a territory, aircraft, students, and operational support from US Flight Co. In addition, approved CFI’s are provided training on US Flight Co aircraft, and company procedures. All this at no cost to the CFI’s!

Stay At Home Or Choose Your Base!

Stay at home or choose your home base. CFI affiliates enjoy choosing where they want to work and how much they want to work. Simply fill out an application and US Flight Co will provide you with details about your requested location.

Simple 5 Step Approval Process


Article: CFI Affiliate Opportunities

Pay is dependent upon CFI experience and ability to be self-sufficient at home base airport. In addition, CFI’s are paid milestone bonuses. Hours are recorded via US Flight Co scheduling software. Payment to CFI’s is made every two weeks.

Milestone Bonuses

CFI’s are paid an additional bonus for each check ride pass within USFC’s hours/days standard. Our standards are not unreasonable and most CFI’s hit each milestone bonus. Milestone bonus include: private, instrument, commercial, CFI, CFII.


Article: CFI Affiliate Opportunities

Applicants must have an active CFI license to be considered. A CFII license is recommended as you’ll be teaching career students through their CFII license. Applicants who only have their CFI will be required to obtain their CFII upon approval. This can be obtained with assistance by USFC. Other requirements include:

What Is Tie-Down/Hangar Space Mean?

CFI Affiliates must have access to a tie-down and/or hangar space. US Flight Co will pay for this hangar/tie down space, but the space needs to be arranged by the CFI. Typical examples include:

TIP: Contact airport managers within a 30 mile radius of your location using VFR Chart &


Article: CFI Affiliate Opportunities

Once approved training will begin with the CFI affiliate conducting both remote, and in person training at our DSM facility. Training subjects will include: 

  • What Kind Of Aircraft Does US Flight Co Operate? See Our FAQ
  • How Many Days Is The Training? See Our FAQ
  • Do I Have To Pay Anything? See Our FAQ
CFI Jobs


Article: CFI Affiliate Opportunities

US Flight Co operates the Pipistrel Alpha Trainer. This efficient state of the art aircraft is equipped with modern avionics and is TAA qualified. Operating this aircraft allows US Flight Co to offer affordable career pilot training. Learn about the Alpha Trainer.


Article: CFI Affiliate Opportunities

This depends on the CFI Affiliates location, ability to offer quality instruction, and availability. Average CFI affiliates get 80 - 100 hours per month.

CFI affiliate responsibilities include: Providing flight instruction/ground instruction. Keeping availability updated in flight schedule, fueling aircraft after flights, securing aircraft after flights, ferrying aircraft for MX as needed, and following US Flight Co general processes.

Us Flight Co Responsibilities: Provide CFI affiliate with students, aircraft, aircraft maintenance, operational support, and payment of operational expenses. 

To achieve milestones students must have passed check rides in accordance with the following:


Yes, US Flight Co can help CFI's get their CFII. US Flight Co will provide an allotted amount of flight time in return the Affiliate CFI will provide a certain amount of instruction hours for US Flight Co

US Flight Co provides business insurance. To see what your coverages are as a CFI contact us. It is recommended that CFI's get additional insurance above US Flight Co's

US Flight Co operates the Pipistrel Alpha Trainer. This efficient state of the art aircraft is equipped with modern avionics and is TAA qualified. Operating this aircraft allows US Flight Co to offer affordable career pilot training.

Onsite CFI Affiliate Training is typically 2-3 days.

Currently their are not cost associated with becoming an US Flight Co CFI Affiliate

The closer the better. US Flight Co recommends CFI Affiliates reside within 30 miles of a metro area of 50,000 or greater in population. US Flight Co will deploy aircraft to rural CFI's/students on an individual basis. Contact us if you have any questions about your location.


Article: CFI Affiliate Opportunities

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