Our Financing Partners

Get The Funds Needed to Start Your Career

When applying for financing we have a couple of very strong recommendations. First include everything to get completely through the program. This includes:

  • Money to pay for all program check-rides (PPL, INST, COM, CFI, CFII, MEI)
  • All written test fees which are provided by a third party
  • Program taxes

Also if you’re taking advantage of our student housing make sure to include that in your loan application. 

With Stratus simply select the program and make sure the total loan amount matches the amount listed in the table below.

With Meritize, select the program that applies. The maximum amount listed in small print will adjust depending on program selected. Simply put in the maximum amount for the program selected and make sure it equals the amount listed below.

The 2nd thing is to apply with a Co-Signer if you’re able. We’ve seen interest rates decrease by as much as 10% by adding a Co-Signer to the loan. 

Be sure to apply for one of these amounts


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our mission is to help achieve your pilot goals. 

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